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Hope on Two Wheels (4 min 07 sec)

by Bruce Edwards, CBC TELEVISION

Filmed during B4H’s visit, this short documentary highlights the work of BEN Namibia and Bicycles for Humanity.  On World AIDS Day, CBC featured a multi-media story on how bicycles help in the combat against HIV/AIDS in Namibia.


by Sarah Falconer, OTTAWA XPRESS

Folks have begun to shyly bare their pasty knees, heralding the return of that long-awaited occasion: bike season! As you dig through your cluttered garages and basements, remember that your unused bicycles... read more


by Jamie O’Meara, HOUR

Of all the mystifying things my parents said to me when I was but a wee bairn, and there were many to be sure, there was one particular and oft-repeated command/dangling threat that really gnawed at my noggin: "Eat your food, there are... read more


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Tools for a New Life (3 min 56 sec)

by Barbara Gruber, Petites et Grandes Aventures

In 2008, B4H Ottawa sent it’s 2nd Bicycle Empowerment Centre (BEC) to benefit a community of women struggling to survive.  The King’s Daughters Community Bike Shop in Namibia is changing lives... in many ways.


by Barbara Gruber, Petites et Grandes Aventures

The benefits of a bicycle in a developing country are numerous. Compared to a person walking, a bicycle carries up to four times the weight, goes twice as fast and actually much further. With bicycles, health workers and home-based carers... read more



Bicycles provide employment and access to health care: An unused bicycle getting in the way in your garage can change the life of a person living in rural Africa. “A bike sitting in someone’s basement gathering dust can make a huge... read more


by Cycling Secrets

Drawn by a 5 year old and animated for the B4H Melbourne Australia chapter, this creation is sure to delight!

Together We Can Make It (13 min 29 sec)

by Mark Piquette, Colorado

A short film about Bicycles for Humanity Colorado and the ability of bikes to changes lives in Africa.  Outlines how a B4H chapter accomplishes its mission of improving lives through mobility.

Empowerment in the eyes of the beholder

by Anna Rocoski, un-named fame

The snowball effect has begun! Seb Oran and Sandra Gattola were introduced to me by Mark Rehder. It was a real treat to meet with these two impeccable women. Oran and Gattola are the founders of the Ottawa chapter of Bicycles for Humanity. An organization that works on providing sustainable transportation to communities in ... read more


by Mark Nonkes, One bike, One life

Women in blue overalls and grease-stained hands smile widely as they greet a customer carrying a broken bicycle. This is precisely why they came to work this morning: to assist customers in need of bicycle repairs and to sell quality, second-hand bicycles at affordable prices. Quickly noticing a loose pedal, Moreen – a mother.. read more


by Mark Nonkes, One bike, One life

“Tell then we love them.  From the bottom of our hearts.  Tell them thank-you”.  The sun is breaking through rain clouds in Katutura.  Outside a voluntary HIV testing clinic, a group of five women crack open the doors to a shipping container for the fist time.  They gasp at what’s inside.  Some shout with excitement.  Bicycles, .. read more


Interview with Stu Mills, CBC RADIO ONE - Ottawa Morning

Last fall two Ottawa women sent a shipping container full of bicycles right across an ocean.  Last month they got to see how that gift has transformed a community... listen here


by Bruce Edwards, CBC RADIO ONE - World at Six

Across the vast deserts and grasslands of Namibia, its unlikely that many people know that this is World AIDS Day.  But in a country where 1 in 5 people are HIV positive they certainly recognize the impact of the disease.  Namibia is a nation of daunting distances and remote villages. Few people have cars and ... listen here


by Louise Rachlis, THE OTTAWA CITIZEN

After reading a small news article in the Ottawa Citizen on South African students needing bicycles to ride to 5k to school instead of walking on their own, Seb Oran, 44, decided to do  "The article said that by the year 2012, the government was going to buy... read more



Get that dusty bike out of your garage and change a stranger's life. The area chapter of Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) is collecting used two-wheelers to ship to Namibia -- a country where 60 per cent of the population has no means of transportation apart from their feet..... read more


BEN Namibia - Michael Linke speaks on the impact of bikes in Namibia

Interview with Pete Dillon, 774 ABC Melbourne

Michael is an Australian whose previous work was in magazine publishing. He briefly edited Australian Cyclist, and worked for four years at ReNew, a magazine aimed at people designing, making and using solar, wind, and biofuel energy devices. In less than three years Michael has grown BEN Namibia from a small NGO that initially employed one ... listen here



Home-based caregiver Salome Vendura knows firsthand that in Namibia’s far-flung rural areas, one of the biggest determinants of HIV/AIDS treatment adherence is access to affordable and reliable transportation. In Vendura’s community of Kehemu, in northern Namibia, the nearest hospital is 5 km away - too far for many of her weakest  ..... read more


by Sarah Falconer, CBC News

Volunteers at an Ottawa charity spent the weekend getting 400 bicycles ready to make the trip from Ottawa to Namibia in southern Africa.... read more



To the average Ottawa resident, a bicycle is a simple transport tool or used for recreation.

But for someone living in Namibia — a nation in southern Africa marred by poverty and HIV — a bike can change a life.For the past three years, Ottawa residents and friends.... read more


by Bruce Edwards, CBC News

One of the biggest challenges for people living in sub-Saharan Africa is getting around. Very few own cars and the majority live in small villages connected by a network of footpaths that stretch across the savannah. It is often more than a day's walk to the closest clinic or school.  But for some villagers in northern Namibia.... read more


by Adrienne Ascah, 24 Hours

Cleaning out the basement just got meaningful.  That old bike you never use could be the vehicle that helps a healthcare worker deliver medicine to HIV patients in a poor African country.  The distance from a child’s village to the nearest school would no longer be insurmountable.  The Ottawa chapter of Bicycles for Humanity  ... read more


by Tom LeCarner, Velo News

As cyclists, we love to celebrate the creativity, ingenuity and artistry of cycling’s innovators. In fact, we love to own and ride those innovations. But much like at Christmas, however, we tend to get so caught up in  the stuff that we forget the spirit. Yes, indeed, let’s celebrate the $6,000 wheels and the $10,000 mountain bikes, but let’s not forget the very essence .. read more


by David MacDonald, Kitchisssippi Times

While there’s wisdom in the old adage, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”, the challenge can come when those two men live 8,000 kilometres apart.  Bicycloes for Humanity (B4H) is an organization that is overcoming such obstacles... read more

CKCU 93.1 FM Interview
   - May 17 2010

by Giacomo Panico, CKCU 93.1 FM - Monday Special Blend

Giacomo checks in with B4H Ottawa to learn of their progress since sending the first container back in 2007 ... listen here

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by Maggie Padlewska , Video Journalist / CBC Producer

B4H is featured in the One Year One World initiative - this video tells the story of why we do what we do.  We hope it will inspire you to take action on something you are passionate about!